Autumn Newsletter 2017

Autumn Newsletter 2017

Are you ready for half term? 

Half term is just around the corner (where did that time go?!), and we know that it can be difficult to keep the kids occupied during the holidays, without even thinking about all the other million and one things you need to organise!


Why not keep you kids active this half term with our Camp Adventure programme. Your children will make friends, learn and play at our camps. With a whole host of activities to enjoy* they will be spoilt for choice! What better way to wear the kids out during the holidays?

Camp Adventure offers outstanding childcare at any of 17 locations, with new activities for your children to try, enthusiastic staff and your peace of mind while your kids have tons of fun. So that’s childcare covered for the holidays, what are you waiting for?  

Call your local centre to book a place today!


*Activities may vary across our UK centres

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